About Us

To me, life is nothing but a big adventure. Would you like to follow mine? Michael and I have a love for the outdoors that you don't see too often anymore. Here we would like to inspire you to get up and start an adventure of your own. Hopefully we can help you make your trip easier by the lessons we have learned over the years! 


Who we are?

I'm Shauna Kirkwood and my husband is Michael Kirkwood. An easy way to sum us up is, always having the time of our lives. If its Friday were heading into the mountains. 

Furry babies

Daisy Mae is our Basset hound. Daisy looovvveesss camping and goes with us almost every time! Aspen is our surprise cat who we found on the living on the streets as a kitten! She was the perfect piece to our family puzzle. I wish I could show you the look on people face when I say we take her camping, its priceless. 


What made me start Craving the Adventure?

Friends and family always ask us where they should camp, what the need, whats its like, and also to see my photos I take.  One day I had this thought of a website and Michael loved the idea, so where we are now!

Is Craving the Adventure only about camping?

Not at all. We LOVE to travel. Most people want to travel the world and I'm over here saying "I haven't seen this state yet." Each state has so much to offer and were hoping to show you something you haven't seen before and make you want to go there and experience it yourself!

Thanks for getting to know me! I would love to get to know you! Send me and email about yourself and where you love to go!

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