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Camping is CAT-agious

Camping with a cat, sounds crazy right? That's what everyone told us when we brought up the idea with our new kitten Aspen. What did we do? We took her anyways and she LOVED it!

Tricks for camping with a cat

1. Make sure your cat does good in the car. There will be nothing more miserable for you and your cat if he/she hates being in the car.

2. Have another animal to help lead and keep them entertained. Aspen follows Daisy everywhere she goes. We didn't even have to put a leash on her because she stayed by Daisy's side the whole time. They would play for hours until they passed out.

3. Camp around trees. Not only did Daisy keep her busy the trees did too! She spent hours climbing up and down all the pine trees. It was also great entertainment for Michael and I.

4. Camp away from other people and their pets. I know I said bring them a friend but most of the time other people and their pets will be too distracting for your kitty. We don't them wondering into someones else site!

5. Find a treat & food that they love. This is by far the best trick that we learned with camping with our cat, Aspen. Whenever we thought she had gone too far from us, we could crinkle the bag, call her name, and she would come running. We also found a wet food she really enjoys, she’s always right next to the table waiting for us to feed her.

The camp site we found was perfect for our little critters. Right besides a slow moving creek. We always have a water bowl for them but they love the cold snow melt water, it keeps them hydrated and refreshed. The grass was up passed my knees, watching daisy and aspen hide and play through it was hilarious. It was a Puuuurrrfect camping trip.

One of these days I need to record Michael putting daisy in the tent. She puts her legs up on the second step and Michael lifts her butt right up into the tent. Aspen is the easiest thing to put up there, she lets you throw her anywhere. For the tent being on the Jeep you would think it’s tight squeeze up there with all of us but it’s actually quite spacious! Daisy sleeps between Michael's legs and Aspen sleeps on my pillow with me until she gets cold she crawls into our sleeping bag.

Speaking of sleeping.....

Most of all, Relax and have Fun. The best part of our trip is watching Daisy and Aspen have so much fun exploring in the nature.

Do you have a furry friend that you camp with? I would love to see pictures and hear some of your experiences!

Camping with critters isn’t for all of them. If you pet doesn’t listen or doesn’t like to be outside it’s better to leave them at home. Remember your responsibility and camp at your own risk.

Thanks for reading! Now pack up your fur babies and go camp! 🌲⛺️🌲

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