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Thomas Canyon Campground

Finding a good camping spot is like finding a pot of gold to Michael and I. We struck gold when we found the Thomas Canyon Campground. We were very tired and needed a good place to sleep with a pretty view. Not knowing the area well, we used good ol' google to lead us in our path. Always make sure you have plenty of time when you’re using google because believe it or not, google isn't always correct. The first two places we found—one was not safe to sleep at and the other was on private property, but third times a charm right? It was for us! Thank goodness because we were ready to pass out. To get to the campground, you have to drive up and into the valley of the mountains to get to reach the camping spots. The drive is breathtaking. We passed cow's and deer grazing in the fields. We enjoyed the sunset for awhile then watched it through the rear view mirror as we drove up.

I sometimes wonder who designs the campgrounds that we have visited. They are awful...No bathroom, no view, the entire campsite is on a huge slope—you name it we have seen it. This campground left us in awe. Every campsite had a cement pad with a nice picnic table, there is gravel so it never will never be muddy, the bathroom is spotless, and I saved the best for last, almost all the camp sites are next to a flowing river. The people who designed Thomas Canyon knew what they were doing, everything is perfect. It was like they worked around nature, and just tried to make everything better. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back.

It was a cold misty morning when we watched the clouds rolling through the mountains. Everything was a little damp from the light rain shower from the night before. We made some coffee to warm ourselves, and off we went to explore the area.

I am sorry about the ugly foot picture, but I got so excited when I came upon this huge earth worm! I haven’t seen one this big in years!

We always hate leaving places we love but trust me when I say we will be back!

40.6502° N, 115.4060° W

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